Sponsorship is an act of love ...
for God,
for the Pilgrims,
for the church, and
for the Coastal Bend Emmaus.
It is a demonstration of agape love.
It is making oneself an instrument of prevenient Grace.

When you agree to sponsor a Pilgrim for the weekend, you accept certain responsibilities for that person.

How To Sponsor Others
  1. Take Sponsorship training.
  2. Pray for the person's openness to God's call to discipleship, not for how to get him or her to go on a walk.
  3. Make an appointment with the person or couple for the purpose of discussing their participation in Emmaus.
  4. Extend an invitation. Invite them to attend for the sake of a more vital relationship with Jesus Christ, not just a weekend to go on. Share your faith; explain the basic elements of the walk, its purpose and follow-up dimensions which help us live in grace for the rest of our lives. Have the attitude that you are giving them a wonderful gift rather than that they need to go.
  5. Ask them to make a commitment by filling out the registration form. If the person is married, speak with both partners and encourage an equal commitment by both spouses.
  6. Continue to pray, prepare agape letters, enlist the support of their pastor. Collect eight to twelve personal agape letters. Do not ask the team to deliver personal gifts during the weekend.
  7. Support the Walk through your prayers during the 72 hour prayer vigil and your presence at the send off, sponsors hour, Candlelight, and Closing. Support the Pilgrim's family by house sitting, baby sitting, and watering plants, picking up the mail, feeding pets or just checking in with the spouse to see if any help is needed.
  8. Encourage the Pilgrim in his or her Fourth day involvement. Give you friend an opportunity to talk through and appropriate the experience. Help them find a group. Or, be prepared to start a group with him or her for a period of time until they find others to be in the group. Take them to Gatherings as your guest for a couple of months.
  9. Help the pilgrim reenter their Church and consider ways to act out new commitment and enthusiasm.
  10. Inform the Pilgrim of opportunities to serve the Coastal Bend Emmaus.
  11. Help the Pilgrim sponsor others.
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Please note:
  • It is recommend by the Upper Room and the SWTC Emmaus Registrar that recent Walk to Emmaus attendees wait 6 months before sponsoring their first Pilgrim.
  • It is also recommended by the SWTC Emmaus Registrar that a Sponsor should sponsor no more than one to two pilgrims on a single Walk.
Source/s: DAY FOUR: The Pilgrim's Continued Journey;
also found in Steve Bryant's Handbook, pages 23-24.
On-Line: www.umcswtx.org/


My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Phil. 4:19

  • Intent
    It is the desire of the Coastal Bend Emmaus (CBE) that no one should be turned away from the Walk to Emmaus because of financial needs. Therefore, as a sponsor, if you find there is a potential pilgrim in need for support, here are some suggestions.

    First of all, it is sometimes a misconception that the sponsor should always pay for the pilgrim. If the pilgrim has means to do so themselves, it is a good thing for the pilgrim to be invested in the weekend. If the full fee is a problem, is it possible the pilgrim can pay for half the fee? When you find there is a shortfall, there are several scenarios that can relieve the situation. Go first to their church. A lot of churches have funds for sponsoring their congregations on Walks. Talk to your reunion group and tell them about your desire to sponsor this person and your need to obtain sufficient funds to do so. Co-sponsor a pilgrim with other friends that have been on the Walk to Emmaus and share the cost.

    If after all avenues have been pursued and there is still a deficit, please follow the application process below. The CBE has a dedicated scholarship fund for pilgrims that cannot find other means of support. The scholarship program is not intended to pay for all of the costs associated with the weekend, but will pay up to 50% of the associated costs. Please contact the CBE Treasurer if you have any questions (email).
  • Application Process
    CBE scholarship request must be completed and submitted to the CBE Treasurer for review. The scholarship must be accompanied with the completed Walk to Emmaus application along with a check for at least 50% of the fee. Once the CBE Treasurer has reviewed the application for completeness and verified that the financial resources are available for funding the scholarship, the scholarship may be granted. Click here for the CBE scholarship application.
  • Scholarship Limits
    Scholarships will be limited to 50% of the Walk to Emmaus associated fees.

    Walk - A maximum of six three pilgrim scholarships may be granted per walk and will be awarded on a first come basis. If additional applications for the walk are received, it will be suggested that the pilgrim roll to the next walk if the scholarship is still desired. Additional scholarships for a given walk may be granted with approval of the CBE executive committee.
  • CBE Actions
    Scholarships will be limited to 50% of the Walk to Emmaus associated fees.

    Upon approval of a CBE scholarship, a check will be written by the Treasurer or approved signatory and forwarded along with the application and additional funds to the Southwest Texas Emmaus Registrar within 48 hours or as soon as possible thereafter. Treasurer will reply to the sponsor via email with decision.

    Remember when we give to those in need, there is not only benefit to the receiver, but we are benefited as well. Your pilgrim will appreciate and be touched by your spirit and devotion and if you listen closely you will hear God's words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."
    The Emmaus movement does not exist primarily for the weekend Walks.
    Its purposes are to deepen the faith of individuals, to increase the faith of congregations, and to bring Christianity to the world.

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Sponsorship Training:
Sponsorship Presentation
"Those three days were the best gift anyone has ever given me, and I can't wait to pass on the gift to someone else." --Cheryl, Walk #1374